Cognitive Predictive Maintenance – Your Answer to Zero Downtime

Limited visibility into the health of large, complex and widespread assets lead to poor prediction of impending
failures causing unplanned downtime and product breakdown, both of which throw inventory and maintenance
costs out of balance. An estimated 90% of asset-intensive companies lose $22,000 for every one minute of stopped
production; a value that skyrockets with organizations experiencing 800 hours of downtime, at an average, every year.

DataRPM’s CPdM rescues organizations and its mission-critical assets from going on this downward spiral by predicting failures 80% more accurately and much before the critical failure can take place; unlocking immense business value for the organization.

Success Stories

A Fortune 25 Industrial
Appliance Manufacturer
Identifies and Resolves
Potential Post-purchase

Success Stories

An Oil & Gas Conglomerate
Puts an End to Expensive
Breakdowns of Critical Assets.