Our customers are enjoying an average of 300% increase in prediction accuracy 30 times faster with a combined savings of $37M by Automating Predictive Maintenance

The immense noise inhibiting critical signals to be gathered from machines, the lack of labelled training data and obsolete data models are now a thing of the past. DataRPM's Cognitive Predictive Maintenance (CPdM) Platform uses meta learning to deliver the best ensemble of predictive maintenance models - from asset failures / breakdowns, inventory and resource optimization, quality and warranty issues, and risks, enabling industries to spend less time on analysing and more time on implementing.

Prevent Failures | Breakdowns

Layering Predictive Analysis on Real-time data received from every machine component via machine sensors, helps avoid unplanned downtime. Harnessing machine signals and differentiating signals from noise can ensure continuous operation of your production line. CPdM platform helps you monetize the trillion-dollar opportunity in Industrial IoT by analysing the flood of manufacturing data received from your machines. By predicting catastrophic failures earlier in the chain, you can avoid total breakdown and save billions of dollars.

Maximize Machine Utilization
Avoid Disruptions
Preventive To Predictive
Cost Centre To Insight Centre
Maximize Profitability
Fix Before Broken

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Predictive maintenance ensures better conservation of assets, improves equipment life and eliminates premature replacement of machinery thereby saving huge maintenance costs. CPdM platform lets you save time and money using your factory's data to diagnose and correct chronic failure points in your machinery and overall plant. Save costs by optimizing unwarranted maintenance schedules.

Minimize Warranty Claims & Risk

Machine failures pose serious environmental and business risks. They bring to front regulatory compliance and safety issues. CPdM platform predicts components at risk thereby reducing equipment failure and damages through and post manufacturing process. It provides actionable insights which ensure lesser defects and reduces potential warranty claims.

Avoid Quality Sufferance
Improve Machine Reliability
Achieve Peak Machine
Improve Asset Life
Boost Operational Agility
Optimize Labour

Optimize Inventory & Personnel

Predicting component failure helps forecast inventory requirements and also optimize the purchase orders. CPdM platform helps plan field personnel and skill level required to handle issues way ahead of time. Harness the power of Industrial IoT to bring unimaginable growth to your business.

Why DataRPM?

Asset based industries face a huge dark - data problem where critical business value remains locked in the unused data generated by sensors in Industrial IoT. Scaling the data science teams for effective predictive maintenance is not an option due to continuous volumes of data.

When machine fails, it's always never the last event that caused it to fail. Most of the solutions today are focused on solving the prediction of that one event which is highly inaccurate since there are series of components that have failed which ultimaetly leads to the catastrophe . In the past, most of these machines were not connected, but with the 4th Industrial Revolution of IoT and connected things, Industrial sectors like manufacturers, automotive, oil & gas, energy, power, smart cities are sitting on a $630 billion opportunity to predict asset failures. DataRPM is using a novice approach of meta learning, integral component of Artificial Intelligence, by teaching machines how to do Machine Learning. By automating Predictive Maintenance, DataRPM's CPdM is the only platform that ties the series of these multiple failures to provide highly accurate prediction for next failure.

Prevent. Predict. Optimize.

By drastically reducing the efforts of data scientists with our automated approach for predictive maintenance, we empower companies to focus on innovating faster, easier and more reliable ways to turn machines into smarter machines.

Partnering with DataRPM can help you achieve:

  • 30% cost savings for Predictive Maintenance
  • 300% increase in Prediction Quality
  • 1/30th the time it takes to do machine data analysis manually

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